Bright & Smooth Laser

Clinic Mediskin is the first clinic in northern Malaysia to introduce this bright & smooth laser in aesthetic clinic. One 15 minute Bright & Smooth laser session can leave your skin feeling smoother, younger and give you that “radiant glow” that comes from healthy, youthful skin. Regular treatments deliver lasting results which keep you ever look younger, brighter with smoother skin.

Major Indications:

• Wrinkle prevention

• Anti-ageing

• Brightening

• Epidermal Melasma

• Dermal epidermal junction Pigmentation

• Skin Laxity

• Scar Reduction

• Feathering

• Hair Loss

• Décolleté Care

• Actinic keratosis

During Treatment:

Our consultant will wash your face thoroughly before treatment. During treatment, you will feel a rolling sensation with mild warm, there is no pain. Post treatment we will complement the treatment with MNG (Multi-Nanosome granulated) technology ampoule which keeps the effective components fresh without any preservatives or chemicals. The nanosized molecules penetrated well via the channels created by the Bright & Smooth laser, thus giving the immediate brightening, smoothening and refreshing result.

Post Treatment:

Usually the treated area will only have mild redness post treatment which will subside after our post laser mask application. There might be minimal scab which will fall off within 5-7 days. You are advised to use adequate sunblock and moisturiser for 5-7 days to ease the healing of skin.



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