Dark Eye Circle

Dark Eye Circle

Dark eye circle is common among Asian. There are mainly 2 components in the dark eye circle element, namely pigment or vascular origin. Pigment component can be caused as inheritance, habitual rubbing of eye, improper eye make up. For vascular component, it is shown by tiny blood vessels which can be seen through the delicate skin around the eyes. The combination of capillaries near the skin's surface and translucent skin around the eyes makes this discoloration much more apparent.

Heredity factors, sun-induced melanin production, pale skin due to lack of sleep and fatigue,and aging are factors that can worsen dark eye circles.


1. Medlite photo-rejuvenation.

2. Tripolar which improve blood circulation around eye, improve mainly the vascular component of dark eye circle.

3. Dark eye circle remedy to improve the appearance of dark eye circle.


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