Hair Transplant (Autologous)

Clinic Mediskin launch the first Folligraft Hair Restoration System, a FUE hair transplant device in Kedah. Our centre is one stop hair transplant solution for both women and men. We can treat all forms of hair loss including the brows and lashes.

This Folligraft hair restoration system is done by removing individual hairs from donor sites to the desired areas, which make the hair looked naturally thicker and longer at once. It is less invasive as compared to conventional strip hair transplant method, the wound in Follograft is smaller, easily managed and the procedure in done under local anaesthesia with no sutures required.

On top of this, the recovery is expected within few days and you can go back to normal daily activities immediately after the procedure. You are advised to use hypoallergenic shampoo for 1 week post procedure. Thereafter the routine hair care can be continued.

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