iGRow is a clinically proven safe in-house device to stimulate hair growth. It uses the low level laser technology to stimulate enhanced cellular activity therefore making aging cells more active, thereby increasing their effectiveness in hair growth. The specific laser wavelength is used which is absorbed by the hair follicle to stimulate hair growth. The iGrow Hair Growth System has shown the highest percentage increase in new hair growth of any published clinical studies on light mediated hair growth.

It is recommended to use at alternate day for 20-25 minutes for optimum result. To get a noticeable result, usually it takes 4-6 months. Since hair loss is a progressive condition. If untreated, you can expect to lose more hair over time. After the initial 4- 6 month LLLT treatment period, you should continue sessions once or twice per week to maintain your hair quality.

iGROW LLLT can even be used immediately after hair transplant surgery to help stimulate healing of the wounds, and improve transplant results in hair loss patients. Studies have shown that LLLT sessions immediately following surgery decrease the recovery time in hair transplant patients, and increases hair thickness.

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


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