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In this selfie world, everybody is posting her own photo and sharing to the world. Do you want to look healthy, fit and refreshing? Are you getting a fit body through proper diet and vigorous exercise? Do you still have stubborn fat in some part of your body after diet and exercise? If yes, how to get rid of the stubborn patches of fat and cellulite? All these problems can be solved step by step in Clinic Mediskin.

The basic for slimming is to increase energy consumption by exercise and reduce energy intake by diet. If diet and exercise alone is not helping you to slim down, we may have the additional help you need to reduce the body circumference and improve body contouring.

Our body contouring programme aims at lifting lax skin, improving cellulite and reducing excess fat. This can be done by various treatment plan which includes:

a) Trilipo Maximus Radio frequency

b) Cryolipolysis

c) Mesolipo

d) I-Lipo laser fat reduction

Combining all these treatment modalities allows these different problems to be targeted efficiently. Together they help to contour the body and improve your body image. Above all, the programme has to run hand in hand with balanced diet and exercise to ensure that the results maintain long lasting. Otherwise, the results will disappear with binge eating and sedentary lifestyle over time. Come over to have detailed consultation with Dr Ooi Tse Nee for realistic expectation and long term maintenance plan. You will be amazed with the result that you are about to gain!

Besides body contouring program, we are specialized in post delivery care for women, both external skin structure and internal uterine care.

Post delivery Care which consist of:

a. Body contouring

b. Vagina tightening

c. Post delivery uterine care

d. Stretch mark Treatment

e. Cellulite treatment


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