Mediskin Signature Treatment

1. Mediskin Signature LIFT

As we age, there is loss of collagen, loss of fat, bone resorption which manifest as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity and sagging. Our eye appear sunken, cheeks flatten with loss of definition of jawline. Before the invention of minimal invasive facelift procedure, one has to depend only on surgical facelift which is associated with more tissue damage, scarring and long recovery time.

Mediskin signature lift is invented by DrOoiTse Nee to cater for minimal invasive facelift without much recovery time and complication. It is a combination treatment which is tailored made for each customer according to their needs.

a. Filler Injection

b. Botox Injection

c. Threadlift

d. Trilipo Facelift

e. Ulthera Facelift

After detailed assessment and consultation with Dr Ooi Tse Nee, we will propose a treatment plan according to your need and economy budget. The result of the combination treatment is natural, synergistically complement each other to get the most optimal and desirable results. Mediskin Signature GLOW (combination therapy tailored made for each customer)

2. Mediskin Signature GLOW

As our population is from tropical country which is exposed to sunlight all year round, we tend to see various types of pigment problem, dull skin, uneven skin tone, sun damage skin, photo-aging problem and so on. Dr Ooi Tse Nee is very dedicated in solving these entire pigment problems by launching various lasers, light therapy, chemical peels and facial to get the best brightening, glowing and pigment removal outcome. The combination treatment protocol consists of:

a. Glowing Laser

b. M22 OPT Soft Laser Rejuvenation

c. Medlite Skin Lightening

d. Chemical Peel

e. Photodynamic Light Treatment

f. Aqua Peel

g. TransdermUltrapeel


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