Skin Care

Skin care is the basic nutrient for our skin cells. Besides result targeted treatments, you need to compliment your treatment with adequate and appropriate skin care to achieve the best optimum result.

As the pioneer aesthetic clinic in Kedah, we are careful in selecting medical grade skin care for our customers. After 8 years’ experience in our population, we are proud to present you with the most reliable and effective medical grade skincare. We can assure you the skin care without harmful chemical and can be safe to be used for long term. Our mission is to give you the best look in your young age and enable you to age gracefully.

Signature Skin Care Series:

Mediskin Skin Care

MDS Skin Care

Hair Care Products

1. MDS Hair Grow Shampoo (US)

2. Hair Dr Shampoo (US)

3. Hair Dr Hair Grow Serum (US)

4. Biothymus Hair grow set (Italy)

5. Vanicream hypoallergenic Shampoo

6. Vanicream hypoallergenic Conditioner


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