Wrinkles and Fine Lines


The most common signs of aging are wrinkles and fine line. It is caused by fat resorption, bone resorption which causes shrinkage of facial volume and make the face appeared sagging with wrinkling. Furthermore, as we age, the skin quality deteriorate because of collagen shortage, causing the skin gets thinner, drier, less elastic. This effect is aggravated by habitual facial expressions, sun exposure, smoking, poor hydration or nutrition.

Wrinkles can be categorized as:

1. Dynamic lines: the wrinkle which appear when we show facial expression such as smile, frown, angry.

2. Static line: permanent wrinkle which show up even when we relax without facial expression. It even can appear like a facial groove if the volume loss is severe.


1. Acupulse FractionalCO2 laser resurfacing which stimulate new collagen formation causing facial skin tightening.

2. Hyaluronic acid filler which helps volumize the fat pad, restoring the youthful appearance, causing lifting effect.

3. Botulinum toxin, mainly target dynamic line which eliminate or soften the crow’s feet, frown line or glabellar line.

4. Platelet rich plasma treatment (PRP), which involve using own growth factor in the platelet to rejuvenate and regenerate new collagen, causing facial tightening, lifting and skin glowing.


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