Botox Injection


Botox is a highly purified protein that relaxes the muscles in the face thus reducing the wrinkle cause by muscle contraction. It is produced under stringent condition, which enhances its safety profile and effective clinical use.

It is a safe and simple method to reduce wrinkles, smooth fine lines, create V-shape face while providing a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Botox can be used in:

a) Glabellar line (line between our eyebrow)

b) Forehead line

c) Crow’s feet (line surround lateral side of eye)

d) Jaw line contouring for V-shaped face

e) Pore reduction

f) Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating over underarms, palm or sole)

g) Leg contouring

h) Shoulder sprain

During Treatment

After your face is cleansed, numb cream will be applied for 30-45 minutes. During injection, you will feel mild discomfort but it is tolerable especially after numb cream. There may be mild redness or bruise on injection site which will subside in a few minutes to few hours. Make up may be applied immediately post injection. You will start to see result within 2-5 days. The result usually lasts for 4-6 months.

Post Treatment

Usually there is almost no recovery time, you can return to work immediately after procedure. Usually you will be given follow up appointment at 2-4 weeks after the initial session. Regular touch-up treatments every 4-6 months is advised to maintain the result.

Before and After Photos:

Botox V-shape face

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


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