Chemical Peel

Chemical peel is divided into superficial, medium and deep peel. Our centre usually focuses in superficial chemical peel which is the mildest form with least recovery time. It is often referred to as “lunch time peels”, which can be performed on face, back, chest, arms and hands.

It is good to improve skin turnover, stimulate new collagen and elastin for smoother and brighter skin texture. It is also great to remove the debris of skin, clear the white head and black head, shrink the pores thus leaving a clean and glowing skin.

It is ideal for:

a) Pimples

b) Pigment

c) Uneven skin tone

d) Fine lines& wrinkles

During Treatment

After face cleansing, a special solution is applied on your face, you will feel mild tingling sensation but it is not painful. Multiple layer of solution is applied as tolerated.

Post Treatment

Your face may have mild redness post treatment, but it usually subsides within 1-3 hours. It is recommended to have 2-4 peels for a single cycle at monthly interval. Our doctor will assess your skin thoroughly and suggest the best treatment regime needed according to your skin problem and condition. You should apply adequate sunblock and moisturiser for 5-7 days post treatment.

Before and After Photos:

Active acne breakout

Active acne breakout

Uneven skin tone with skin blemishes

Uneven skin tone with skin blemishes

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


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