Cryolipolysis is marketed as a non-invasive alternative treatment to liposuction. It uses extremely low temperatures to kill the fat cells without damaging the skin above or surrounding tissue. Subsequently the dead cells are removed naturally through the liver. Since there is no surgery involved, there is no risk of infection, scarring or risk associated with anaesthesia. After a session of cryolipolysis, there is about 20{780c6c79284a0757b883b174af49314eb74697492f65a2eaa91be9b0ff6f2079} reduction in the fat mass, therefore it is usually.

The Advantages of Cryolipolysis

1. Multiple zones can be treated at the same time

2. Proven to be safe and effective

3. Improves skin quality

4. Measurable results 4 to 6 weeks after the first treatment

5. Slim down healthily with quickly visible results

6. Sustainable result with normal diet and exercise

During Treatment

Before treatment, doctor will assess the targeted area of treatment. Any pinchable fat which can fit into the applicator can be treated effectively. The procedure will take 1 hour, during this time; you can either listen to music or carry on your handphone activity.

Post Treatment

As it is a non- invasive procedure, you can return to work immediately after. Mild Redness may appear in the treated area, which usually subside in few minutes to few hours.


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