Glowing Laser

Glowing Laser Machine

Clinic Mediskin is the first clinic in northern Malaysia to introduce this glowing laser in aesthetic clinic. It is a dual wavelength laser which is effective in treating both pigment and pimples. Its special technology actually divide each laser shots into more than 20 thousands micro-shots which make the laser non invasive and extremely comfortable. It is effective in:

a) Acne

b) Pigments

c) Uneven skin tone

d) Telangiectasia or unwanted capillaries

e) Sensitive skin

f) Birth mark eg port wine stain

During Treatment:

Our consultant will wash your face thoroughly, a non allergenic gel will be applied on your face, and your eye will be covered with protective goggle. You will feel a rolling sensation with mild warm, there is no pain.

Post Treatment:

Usually your face will only have mild redness post treatment which will subside after our post laser mask application. You are advised to use adequate sunblock and moisturiser for 5-7 days to ease the healing of skin.

Before and After Photos:

*Glowing Laser - Acne

*Glowing Laser - Acne

*Glowing Laser - Pigmented Skin

Pigmented and sensitive skin

*Glowing Laser - Pigmented Skin *

Deep pigment with dull skin

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


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