Photodynamic Light Treatment

Photodynamic Light Treatment

It is a scientific proven technique using low energy level of light from LEDs at specific wavelengths to achieve skin rejuvenation, skin lightening, and detoxification and improve healing. The light works at the subcellular, cellular and tissue levels to obtain the desired clinical result.

It may not be as strong as lasers, but it does provide total skin rejuvenation with a series of treatments. It is a natural and gentle treatment which improve skin microcirculation, stimulate new collagen production, reduce inflammation, improve wound healing, resulting in a more youthful, radiant appearance & texture.

It is recommended for treatment of the following:

a) Acne

b) Fine lines and wrinkles

c) Photo-aging

d) Acne scarring & rosacea

e) Uneven skin tone

f) Hair restoration

Before and After Photos:

Pimples with comedones

Pimples with comedones

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary


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